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This page last updated on Oct. 22, 2003

June 22, 2003

Oct. 22, 2003

There is no further development regarding legalisation of the Global Trust which is still awaited.

In the meantime, the Trust Body is planning to open a Web site to show the current status of Hartley College, her needs - short term, medium term, long term and other relevant information to publicize and facilitate her development process.

- Mr. Chella Padmanathan

Consequent to the recognition of the long felt need to establish a central coordinating body to initiate, plan, implement, monitor and report on Projects funded by the Hartley College Past Pupils' Associations in Point Pedro, Colombo, U.K, Canada/U.S.A., New South Wales (Australia) and Victoria (Australia) while ensuring accountability and transparency as well as for preventing duplication of efforts and resources, a joint meeting of world wide Hartleyites was held in Colombo on Sunday 28th July,2002 at which it was unanimously resolved to set up a Global Trust for Hartley College called "Hartley College Past Pupils' Associations' Trust", pending legal registration of an appropriate Deed of Trust.

  • Board of Trustees
  • The Primary Objectives/Responsibilities of the Trust
  • Vision Statement for College
  • Mission statement for the Trust
  • Purchase of Fixed Assets - Land & Buildings
  • Legal registration of the Deed of Covenant
    ^ Board of Trustees

    At this land mark gathering at Hotel Galadari in Colombo,the following past pupils of Hartley College were unanimously nominated and elected to constitute a seven member Board of Trustees with the incumbent Principal as an Ex-officio member.

    Chairman - Mr.Shan Shanmuganathan
    Hony.Secretary - Mr.Chella Padmanathan
    Member - Mr.V.Rajanayagam
    Member - Mr.D.R.Arumaynayagam
    Member - Mr.V.Sriskanadarajah
    Member - Mr.V.Jeyarajah, President - Colombo Br.
    Member - Mr.V.Nadarajasundaram, President- Pt.Pedro Br.

    The inaugural meeting of the Trust was held in Colombo on 22nd July 2002 and the second meeting was held on 24th October 2002. It was decided to have the third meeting when a meaningful Corporate Plan for the College was formulated with the assistance of the Point Pedro Branch and the new Principal who assumed duties a few months ago.

    ^ The Primary Objectives/Responsibilities of the Trust
    1. To assess the existing situation and the needs of the Institution, and record the starting point.
    2. To obtain input from all the Branches of the PPAA, well wishers of the Institution, and the teaching faculty to develop the perfect arrival point. Once the blue print is prepared, distribute it to interested parties, obtain feed back and finalize the model.
    3. To be in constant dialogue with the partners of development, in identifying their respective roles to avoid duplication and also to optimize resources available.
    4. To monitor the progress and if need be send progress report to interested parties.
    5. To receive, take and hold all descriptions of property (both moveable and immoveable) now or hereafter belonging, or passing in any manner whatsoever, to the Branches of PPAA.
    6. To hold moneys representing endowmwnts, prize money, moneys raised from time to time by PPAA, past pupils or by any other person or body paid over to the Trust.
    7. To perform the role of post box or message centre for the partners of development on a best efforts basis.

    At the inaugural meeting, it was decided to adopt the following Vision statement for Hartley College and Mission statement for the Hartley College PPAA Trust:

    ^ Vision Statement for College
    Leading educational Institution, unparalleled by any in the Region, in every sphere of her activities, maintaining the tradition of Quality and Discipline being the hallmarks of excellence.

    ^ Mission statement for the Trust
    To be a catalyst in achieving the vision set for Hartley College, by developing a blue print for arrival point, coordinating with the partners of development (Past Pupils' Associations, the Govt. and NGOO) and identifying their respective roles in this journey and by monitoring the progress.

    For this purpose to also perform the role of Custodian for moneys and other assets entrusted to the Trust.

    ^ Purchase of Fixed Assets - Land & Buildings:
    HCPPA in U.K has already financed the purchase of a house & property adjoining the College play ground valued at Rs.350,000/= and five lachchams of vacant land adjoining the Point Pedro Methodist Church valued at Rs.500,000/=. HCPPA Branches in New South Wales, Victoria and Colombo have also jointly and equitably contributed to purchase three lachchams of vacant land adjoining the previously mentioned five lachchams valued at rs.300,000/=.
    ^ Legal registration of the Deed of Covenant:
    The final version of the Deed of Covenant for the Trust was received from HCPPA, U.K recently and it has been handed over to a lawyer for formulating an appropriate Deed of Trust for eventual legal registration. Further significant activities of the Trust can commence when the Deed of Trust is registered and notified by the lawyer concerned who has been requested to expedite the process. As mentioned in the Deed of Covenant, the Trust shall provide a quarterly newsletter to the Executive Committee of all concerned Branches incorporating progress report on all active Projects, proposal for Projects, review of completed Projects, achievements and other matters of interest to past pupils of all six Branches.

    Let us dedicate ourselves to make our Alma-mater continue to remain resplendent in the academic field true to her motto "FIAT LUX" while her distinguished Alumni adorning the top echelons of scholarly disciplines and professions both at home and abroad keep her Gold and Blue Flag flying as high as ever.

    Chella Padmanathan, J.P
     HCPPAA Trust
     E-219/8 - 3
     N.H.D.A Flats,Mohideen Masjid Road,Colombo - 10
     Tele: 501238 (Office) 447437/451425 (Residence)
     0777 - 620421 (Mobile)

    Courtesy: Message from Mr. Chella Padmanathan, Hony.Secretary, HCPPAA Trust on June 22, 2003
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