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   :: Mr. Ranjaratnam Ariyaratnam Passes Away  
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Obituary Notice of Mr. Ranjaratnam Ariyaratnam

Born: November 05, 1957 Deceased: December 20, 2012

We regret to inform that Mr. Ranjaratnam Ariyaratnam passed away on December 20, 2012. Hailed from V.M Road, Point Pedro, Ranjan has been residing in London (UK) for the last several years. He studied at Hartley College between 1968 and 1977.

  • Beloved husband of Helen Corera;
  • Son of Mr. V. Ariyaratnam (Late) & Mrs. A. Kamaladevi;
  • Brother of Thevaratnam (Hartleyite), Selvaratnam, Nantharatnam, Manjuladevi, Ranjanadevi, Ratnadevi(Late), and Rathidevi;
  • Brother-in-law of S.K.Ravendran (Hartleyite), A.Raveendran, John Evans, and Raja;
  • Uncle of Thayalan, Prindapan, Sajeev, Haran, Ryan, Jason, Lithusan, Sujeevan, Miller, Lojana, Minolini, Kayathiri, Kavitha, Selviga, and Harni.


Friday January 04th, 2013 -- 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
Co-operative Funeral Parlour (Google Map)
50 Whitta Road,
Manor Park,
London, E12 5DA.


Friday January 04th, 2013 -- 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM
City of London Cemetery & Crematorium (Google Map)
Aldersbrook Road,
Manor Park,
London, E12 5DA.


  • S. K. Ravendran: 0208-2443873 (Home); 0785-2321290 (Mobile)
  • A. Thevaratnam: 0207-2777827 (Home); 0780-2192937 (Mobile)

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    jpU mupaul;zk; uQ;rul;zk;

    [ddk; : 5 etk;gu; 1957 . kuzk; : 20 bnrk;gu; 2012

    gUj;jpj;Jiwiag; gpwg;gplkhfTk;> yz;lid trpg;gplkhfTk; nfhz;l mupaul;zk; uQ;rul;zk; mtu;fs; 20-12-2012 tpahof;fpoik md;W ,iwgjk; mile;jhu;.

    md;dhu;> fhyQ;nrd;w mupaul;zk; fkyhNjtp jk;gjpfspd; md;G kfDk;>

    nfyd; nfhNuuh mtu;fspd; md;Gf; fztUk;>

    mRe;jh mtu;fspd; md;Gg; NguDk;>

    Njtul;zk;> nry;tul;zk;> ee;jul;zk;> kQ;RshNjtp> uQ;rdhNjtp> fhyQ;nrd;w ul;dhNjtp> ujpNjtp MfpNahupd; ghrkpF rNfhjuDk;>

    Rgj;jpuh> ujpNjtp> S.K.utPe;jpud;> P.uh[h> A.utPe;jpud;> J.vtd;]; MfpNahupd; md;G ikj;JdUk;>

    r[Pt;> `ud;> ftpjh> nry;tpfh> ypju;rd;> R[Ptd; MfpNahupd; md;Gr; rpj;jg;ghTk;>

    kpy;yh> `updp MfpNahupd; md;Gg; ngupag;ghTk;>

    Nyh[dh> jahsd;> gpUe;jhgd;> fPu;j;jdh> kpNdhypdp> fhaj;jpup> ku;ypd;> wad;> fNz\;> fy;ahzp> jPgd;> uhjhfpU\;zd; MfpNahupd; md;G epiwe;j khkdhUk; Mthu;.


    jpfjp: nts;spf;fpoik 04/01/2013> 10:00 K.g . 12:00 gp.g
    The Co-operative Funeralcare,
    50 Whitta Road, London, Manor Park E12 5DA


    jpfjp: nts;spf;fpoik 04/01/2013> 12:00 gp.g . 12:30 gp.g
    City of London Cemetery & Crematorium,
    Aldersbrook Road, London, Greater London E12 5DQ


    nfyd; nfhNuuh - gpupj;jhdpah
    nry;yplg;Ngrp: +447903859127

    uQ;rdhNjtp uh[h - ,yq;if
    njhiyNgrp: +94112436553
    nry;yplg;Ngrp: +94773601014

    Njtul;zk; - gpupj;jhdpah
    njhiyNgrp: +442072777827
    nry;yplg;Ngrp: +447802192937

    S.K.utPe;jpud; - gpupj;jhdpah
    njhiyNgrp: +442082443873
    nry;yplg;Ngrp: +447852321290

    ,t; mwptpj;jiy cw;whu;> cwtpdu;> ez;gu;fs; midtUk; Vw;Wf;nfhs;SkhW Nfl;Lf;nfhs;fpd;Nwhk;.


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