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Hartley College is one of the oldest but most prominent scholarly educational institutions in Sri Lanka. It was founded in the year 1838 by the Methodist Mission. It began functioning as Elementary English school with the name “Wesleyan Mission Central School” in Point Pedro and attained Senior Secondary school status by the turn of the century with a phenomenal progress. The secret of the success of our treasured school was the vision and the mission of its founder, his successors and teachers. The Founder of the School was Rev.Dr.Peter Percival, a distinguished scholar and educationist. It is to be noted here that Rev. Dr Percival compiled the English-Tamil Dictionary and translated the Holy Bible into Tamil Language. The School which was subsequently named “Christ Church School”, and then received its modern name Hartley College in the year 1917 in honour of Rev. Marshall Hartley who laid the foundation for a Science Laboratory. Hartley College has been brought under the Management of the Director of Education as a publicly funded school on the 1st December 1960.

Due to the commitment of many of the past principals and dedication of the teachers, Hartley College has attained a prestigious position in the island. It is one of the schools in the Northern Province that attracted students from all communities living in Sri Lanka. Further, it is one of the brightest educational institutions where Tamils and Sinhalese sat together in the same class to learn the meaning of student life. Hartley College has always provided an excellent and conducive environment for students to excel both in studies and sports. We, Hartleyites, have witnessed that the College has continued to excel in academic performance in island-wide examinations and has produced thousands of professionals in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Arts and Science. Our students have also actively participated in sports such as Cricket, Football, Volleyball, as well as Athletics and also represented many times in national teams.

Hartley College has seen many dedicated Principals and resourceful teachers during its existence of more than 150 years. Mr.J.C.T.Sherrard, who rendered germane and yeoman service as the Head Master and Assistant Teacher during the period 1875 to 1915. Mr.C.P.Thamotheram in the capacity of principal raised the College in science education and also in sports during the period 1915 to 1943. Mr. K. Pooranampillai who gave the College a multi-faceted dimension during his tenure from 1943 to 1967 and still remains to be seen the architect of today’s Hartley College. Mr S Ratanasapapathy prepared the school to produce hundreds of Engineers and Doctors in a very short period. He is not only the dedicated Principal of the school from 1967 to 1970 but also as one of the devoted teachers.

Hartley College has produced many personalities who are found in the top echelons of all disciplines and walks of life with eminence and outstanding human quality both locally and globally. Late Prof. C. J. Eliezer, - one of the outstanding mathematicians around the world, late Prof. A. Thurairajah- the internationally acclaimed authority and the world famous Geotechnical Engineering Scientist and late Prof K Kanapathypillai-the third Professor of Tamil Language at the University of Ceylon, were the some of the notable products of Hartley College.

Hartley has withstood many calamities during period of its existence, viz, a fatal epidemic in 1850, two world wars, a cyclone in 1960 and more than two decades of ethnic strife. During the ethnic war, school was displaced from its precincts by the Sri Lankan military, which burnt the famous Library with around 6,690 volumes of books. Hartley College is one of the notable victims of the current ethnic problem. Yet by the resourcefulness of the principals and teachers and the intelligence and dedication of its past and present pupils it continues to remain resplendent in the academic excellence true to its motto FIAT LUX: Let there be light – The light that will dispel the darkness of ignorance, selfishness and avarice.

Courtesy: HCPPA NSW Souvenir 2005

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