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   :: Island-wide or District-wide Academic Records of Hartleyites  

2009 Two Hartleyites got 9 A
2007 Five Hartleyites got 10 A
2006 Six Hartleyites got 10 A
2003 Three Hartleyites got 10 A
1987 Fourteen students obtain 8 Distictions
1986 K. Anadakumar ranked 5th in the Island scoring 693 marks
1985 A. Thavarajah ranked 5th in the Island scoring 679 marks
1984 S. Sabeshan comes 1st in the Island Tamil medium scoring 687 marks
1983 S. Anpalagan scores 709 and was placed 2nd in the Island in Tamil medium

2009 A. C. John Niraj is the highest Average Z Score holder in the island in Tamil medium with an average Z score of 3.249 in the Maths stream. He is also the second highest Average Z Score holder in the island in all mediums
2007 V. Rajeevan: First Place in Maths Stream at the District Level; First Place in Maths at All-Island Level in the Tamil medium; Third Place in Maths at All-Island Level considering all mediums
2007 S.Nimalan: First Place in Bio-Stream at the District Level
1994 R. Muhundan ranked 1st in the District and 2nd in the Island scoring 367 marks
1993 J. Jegacelvan gets 4 A's in Commerce Stream coming 1st in the District and 6th in the Island
1992 T. Thayaparan comes 3rd in the Island scroring 362 marks
1989 K. Anadankumar scores the highest aggregate of 366 marks in the Island
1988 V. Nithianandan gets 4 A's scoring the highest aggregate of 308 marks in the Commerce Stream in the North
1986 K. Murali ranked 8th in the Island in Physical Science scoring 339 marks
1985 V. Sithamparanathan get 4 A's - the only in Physical Science. V. Sithamparanathan, K. Pirabaharan and S. Muhundan come within the first five in the Island
1983 T. Kugarajah gets the highest aggregate of 366 marks in the Island
1982 Twins T. Vignarajah and T. Ganesharajah excel nationally with 4 A's
1981 K. Ramakrishnan tops nationally at the A/L Exam scoring 360 marks 
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